Hashtag Haze?!

As I wrote last week, we have been looking more recently into hashtag campaigns for our clients and what is the best tool to use to report back on the amount of impressions and accounts reached.  Whilst we can not be entirely specific on the numbers using free sites or indeed note what the user does once reading specific tweets with the hashtag in, we have become clearer on a specific tool that I had a demo of last week called twtrland and have gone ahead and signed up for a month to see what statistics we are presented with at the end of the month.

We have also finally upgraded in the office to Hootsuite Pro and so we are now able to manage all of our social media feeds in one place, very useful for when needing to tweet on a specific account about being at an event in say February.  As we continue to use it I want to look more at the analytics that are provided through that as well and establish how the hashtags are reported on and if the reporting ont here is sufficient.

For our own account at work we are looking at setting up a hashtag to use as a chat for businesses in Bath to promote and swap good practice, business tips and hints.  We are looking at having a panel of experts on hand too that are available to respond and answer specific questions relating to their field of knowledge. I read this blog which, when it comes down to sorting out the finer details may well come in use in regards to planning a twitter chat.

We have already had discussions around the ownership of a hashtag and if it can be seen as being linked t a specific person or account as we recently tried encouraging the use of one but had some negative feedback from other users that it was not what they would see as being helpful. It was led too much by one user account.  I am unsure whether that came through a lack of understanding of the use of hashtags or something else.  ownership of tweets though – is that another matter or not?  Read here


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